Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont -- a Senate veteran of 46 years who is third in line of presidential succession -- says he'll make a decision "after I go snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing." GOP Sen. Ron Johnson, who faces a tough path to reelection in Wisconsin next year, says deciding whether to seek a third term is on the "backburner" for him. And GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who has been targeted by former President Donald Trump, has yet to explicitly say she will run again. As the midterm election season begins to take shape, party leaders are closely watching the decisions the five senators make about their political careers, something that could reshape the body, spark internal jockeying for key leadership positions and alter the race for the next Senate majority. Of the five senators, Johnson's seat is most at risk of flipping to the other side in the 2022 elections. But if any of them call it quits, it's bound to spark a furious competition for their seats within their own parties and open up key posts in the Senate. For Thune, the 60-year-old who unseated then-Democratic Leader Tom Daschle in 2004 and has since risen the ranks in the GOP hierarchy, leaving now would take away the prospects of him becoming a successor to the longest-serving Senate Republican leader in history, Mitch McConnell. "Obviously, the opportunities in leadership is a consideration -- for sure, it's a consideration," said Thune, who won a seat in the House in 1996 before becoming a senator eight years later. "But there are lots of other (factors) too. ... I've been doing it for 25 years. I think you gotta get into family considerations, personal considerations. And obviously it's a place where we can make a difference, and that's why you do it." Asked what he's struggling with, Thune said: "It's a six-year commitment." And he said he and his wife are having conversations now about another run before making a final decision sometime in the fall. Grassley, who turns 88 on Friday, said he hasn't made a decision yet. Grassley in the past has dismissed polls suggesting many of his constituents want him to step aside, and he contended this week that he's hearing "a lot of encouragement" from Iowans to run again. He said he had planned to have his decision made by November 1, but added: "I'm thinking about doing it sooner." "I've been getting a lot of encouragement from Iowans for the first time -- they haven't talked to me much about it until now," Grassley told CNN. "I think I keep the same schedule as when I was 65 years old, maybe even 40 years old," he said with a laugh. Cheney's pro-Trump opponent runs on undermining 2020 results If Grassley were to step aside, it would spark a furious bid among Republicans in a primary to replace him, while giving Democrats some hope that they could pull off an upset in the rural state. And as the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and one who also holds several influential committee spots, retiring would elevate other more junior senators to fill the void.


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Figure 1. Main sources of ambient air pollution in MENA 1. Knowledge about air pollution and its sources is limited, with sparse ground monitoring stations . Detailed source apportionment studies have only been carried out for his explanation a few cities within the region, with results often not easily accessible for the public. Extensive monitoring networks and regular studies on local sources of air and climate pollutants are foundational, as is making results easily accessible to the public (e.g., in form of a traffic light system as is done in Abu Dhabi ). This will empower sensitive groups to take avoidance decisions, but also nurture the demand for abatement policies. 2. MENA’s prices for fossil fuels and energy ( predominantly from burning fossil fuels ), are the lowest in a global comparison . For example, pump prices in MENA for diesel ($0.69 per liter) and gasoline ($0.74 per liter) were about half the EU prices and less than two-thirds of the global average in 2018. MENA’s heavy subsidization of fossil fuels , whether that is at the point of consumption or at the point of intermediary inputs in power generation and manufacturing, makes price reforms essential. Aside from incorporating negative externalities better, lifting subsidies also reduces pressure on fiscal budgets, with freed-up fiscal space being available to cushion the impact for low-income households. There have been encouraging steps by some countries such as Egypt , which reduced the fossil fuel subsidies gradually over the last couple of years, leading to significant increases in fuel prices, which in turn had positive effects on air quality. 3. Underdevelopment of public transport , low fuel quality , and low emissions standards drive high levels of emissions from the transport sector. In MENA, the modal share is often heavily skewed toward the use of private cars; when public transportation is available, it has a low utilization rate in international comparison. To support a shift in the modal share toward cleaner mobility, it is imperative to invest in public transport systems, while making them cleaner and supporting nonmotorized options such as walking and biking. Cairo’s continued expansion of its metro system has been effective in reducing PM pollution and other MENA cities have also invested heavily in their public transport infrastructure, moving the needle on improving air quality.