Travel agents are becoming popular again According to research from Travelport, 39% of young travelers ages 18-38 are now more likely to use a travel agency to book their trip.Tang Ming Tung / Getty Images These days, it’s not just about finding a hotel or flights in the right price range. It seems like almost every destination has different rules and regulations regarding vaccine or testing requirements . “There’s a lot more research required before you book a trip,” said Claire Newell, travel expert, founder and president of Travel Best Bets. “It’s just so difficult to navigate everything now.” If you want to plan a trip yourself, she recommends using the website covidcontrols.co to find out information (like quarantine rules, masking requirements, infection rates, etc.) about the destination you’re visiting. But many are finding that working with a travel agent is the easiest route In fact, a recent study by travel technology company Travelport found that 33% of travelers are now more likely to book a trip using a travel agent because of the pandemic. The research found that it's not only because of the agent's insight about health and safety guidelines — it's also their ability to change a ticket if needed. 2. People are spending more money on flexibility and travel insurance “We know one thing about this pandemic: It’s constantly changing, and you don’t want to book your travel and be caught if you need to change your plans,” Newell said. She noted that prior to the pandemic, people would be more likely to opt for a lower price for airfare or hotel rooms, regardless of restrictions. These days, she says people will happily pay more to have the flexibility — just in case plans change. Another trend she’s seeing is people opting for travel insurance. “People realized that you can get sick while you’re away, and with Covid-19 particularly, you can’t get back on a plane without having a negative test, so if you catch it while you’re away, who’s going to cover your cost for those days while you stay and recover?” she said. “So that insurance is really key moving forward.” This is a pandemic trend we can get behind. ShotPrime / Getty Images Many people found out they could successfully work remotely during the pandemic; a model that has sparked more workcations. “If you have to log in your eight hours, why not do click it from the beach?” Newell said. A spokesperson for Booking.com told TMRW they predict a significant rise in workcations, where people will combine work and pleasure on trips.


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destination for 2021 by Travel + Leisure magazine. For example, an immersive getaway in Charleston, South Carolina — voted the No. 1 city in the U.S. this year — includes accommodations at the boutique Vendue Hotel, a sail in the harbor and a tour of the city's alleys and hidden passageways. A stay at the Viceroy Chicago, named top city hotel in the continental U.S., comes with an "exclusive VIP" tour of the Art Institute of Chicago and a "private early access experience" at the Field Museum of Natural History. Farther afield, Travel + Leisure also is offering itineraries at top Mexican resort the Viceroy Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen, and in Florence, Italy, named one of the world's top 10 cities. As the pandemic, hopefully, subsides, more overseas itineraries will be added, said Brodsky. "In the coming months, we're going to be adding more global destinations, but we have added more within the U.S. because we know consumers feel more comfortable traveling within the country," he said. "These new curated itineraries are a tangible way to live the 'World's Best' experience, while connecting us with the world and feeding our fundamental human desire to make authentic and exceptional travel experiences accessible to everyone," said Jacqui Gifford, editor in chief of Travel + Leisure, in a statement. This is really about extending our mission of putting the world on vacation, with different customers in a different segment within leisure travel. "One of the things Travel + Leisure has done so well for 50 years is write such an incredibly inspiring breadth of content, and even going on a family trip can be inspirational," he said. "With any type of trip and anywhere you're willing to go, there's something amazing to do, and we've got all of them listed all in one place  — and club members are going to get really incredible savings and extra concierge services." For now, both the club and GO are available online — at clubtravelandleisure.com and go.travelandleisure.com, respectively — but mobile apps are in the works, said Brodsky. Club members can also book itineraries by phone with the concierge service. Also planned is a tie-in to Travel + Leisure's advisory board of "A-List" travel agents, said Brodsky, even as the company moves into the travel-planning and -booking space itself. (The publication is noted for compiling an annual list of travel advisors specializing in various destinations and activities worldwide.) "I think it points to the fact that people take all different kinds of trips," he said, noting that vacation planning runs the gamut from simple D.I.Y. web searches for the best pricing all the way through putting together an expensive trip of a lifetime, "where you want, need or can afford spectacular advice from one of the best travel advisors in the world."  "And that's where the A-List comes in," Brodsky added, noting club concierges will offer referrals to specialist agents. "We absolutely see that as a continuum that the Travel + Leisure brand will support." What won't be getting preferential placement is Travel + Leisure Co.'s own portfolio of legacy Wyndham Destinations vacation properties. "Travel + Leisure Group is acting entirely independently from those and working with the Travel + Leisure editorial content," said Brodsky. While his team does plan itinerary bookings in line with the magazine's editorial calendar, "we get no influence whatsoever on picking the places they're writing about or picking any of the hotels, or cruises or experiences," Brodsky noted.